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  1. And of course, you can also add items to the quarantine, to make it easier to find the items you want to deal with and eliminate.
    Oceantiger Mail includes a built-in mail client for sending and receiving emails via IMAP.
    This is how Oceantiger Mail works:
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  2. Users interface designed to match all UA’s.
    You can drag’n’drop objects directly to the right side of the page and directly link your sound files. The playlist will automatically start from first file when the website opens.

    Handles Various List Formats

    Assign Your Own CSS Classes

    The audio player supports multiple form formats, including UL, OL, DIV, and TABLE. You can add a specific CSS class for these formats for easy positioning when using the component.

    Multiple Sound Files Support

    With the HTML5 Audio Player you can add different sound files for different needs. You can

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  3. ■ This system is meant to be compatible with any operating system of your choice. Windows 98/95, Windows 2000, Windows NT/Millenium server/Server 2003. There is some minimum specification of the computer system.
    ■ Windows based OS (Win32)
    ■ C sharp language
    ■.NET + mySQL embedded database component
    License :
    1. You can use this software in your home / home office. Once you pass 100 licenses

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  4. The Czech version works flawless and is available for download. Enjoy!
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    The 25-year-old was only there for 10 weeks on loan at Old Trafford but had already played in the MLS Cup final, the MLS Supporters’ Shield, and had also shined for Chelsea in the Europa League

    There was a great match on Saturday, when Dortmund and Bayern Munich fought to a 1-1 draw, and another on

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  5. It can also copy data across systems for you if that’s your cup of tea.

    RAR file viewer is similar to WinZip, WinRAR, WinZIP or WinARC, but it’s a freeware and open source for Linux desktop. It’s a powerful tool for handling the widely used RAR and ZIP archive formats, with interfaces, powerful RAR or ZIP extractors, file previewer (or compressor), archive contents unpacker, enclosure content extractor, zip

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  6. Adoreo is a secure online payment system, developed by Ria Solutions. It can work together with other commercial software developed with a similar purpose, such as HEMA and RapidHC5. As a solution open-source, it is compatible with most commercial software products. Among other features, the secure payments system has an easily readable Web interface, a payment history option and a confirmation option, allowing you to stay in control of your expenses. With a minimum investment, it can be extended

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  7. These days, most application users are dependent on having the latest software. You do not need to worry on this when it comes to Microsoft Azure as it has many of the latest applications that are frequently updated.

    In earlier days, users would rely on the Windows update strategy to alert them on any new updates that are available. But with Windows update, especially now, this method tends to slow down the system. Hence, there is the need to include the latest updates directly on Azure.

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  8. What tools are available?
    I have tested the product and found that the application responded well, and that the user didn’t come across any issues, especially where it came to the maximum stability, which is what’s really important when it comes to using Whois software in general.
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    ExpressVPN speeds are up to 5

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  9. The upside of that is that it saves you from downloading more resource than you actually need. The downside, of course, is that some dock programs may not be able to handle the availability of these particular icons, which means you’ll have to use the standard images provided by apps’ authors.

    Without further ado, let’s have a look at the preview of this collection…

    Open ObanysDwnginDwngAbbinDwnag.pkg


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  10. Q:

    How to delete old mysql constraint via import/export?

    One of our development servers recently got stuck at 1.0.12, due to an uncaught exception raised by one of our classes. The class name is quite long, and I don’t want to post it here, but basically the class can throw “Out of memory” exceptions. It’s simply bad design.
    Long story short, the dev server has ~470GB of memory, of which we

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  11. Akeni Secure Messaging Server – Expert Edition is also scalable and secure through the use of client and server authentication (access to the server is granted to only authenticated users) and hot deskew, which prevents messages from being displayed out of order on desktop computers, cell phones, web and handheld devices.
    Your users will love the speed and reliability of Akeni Secure Messaging Server – Expert Edition. Send instant messages and files anywhere, to anyone.
    1. Server and Client

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  12. Pros
    Customizable features for email accounts, antispam
    Quite customizable user interface
    Taskbar integration
    Needs quite extensive setup prior to use
    Does not provide many helpful, extra features
    Antispam tool is quite bulky in terms of its settings
    Multilanguage support (with interface translation)
    Rummage is a program designed to become your personal search engine, allowing you to save interesting or relevant information for later reference.
    It can scan web pages and emails

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  13. If you are looking for a way to increase your productivity and speed up Outlook without the need to worry about different files and signatures, Duplicate Killer can take you by the hand. Download and try Duplicate Killer and enjoy unlimited safe and easy access to your Outlook client.

    Quickfixfix fixes your Internet connection automatically and without any time or hassle.




    Duplicate Killer requires iOS 12 or later.



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  14. , such as Microsoft Access, SQL-server Express.

    If you find problems with operating this software and would like to help support this product:

    The most important benefits of Classic DNIS Service are ability of adding phone number to the account and, in case if required – ability to set voicemail for this phone and direct call through to voicemail and to call of “another” number on other extension and receive a call from this number (if also phone in authorized for receiving

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  15. It might not be the most complex and powerful project management tool, but it puts an emphasis on simplicity that really needs to be pointed out. It’s worth mentioning, though, that no professional version is free — you will have to pay the asking price for a proper management. The trial version, however, gives you a closer look at all the features, allowing you to test its ability.
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  16. What are your thoughts on the app? Tell us about your experience and help us all improve in the comments section!

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  22. Battlestar Galactica as the name says is a science fiction tv series that takes place in a future where the humans of Earth are fighting to save the world from the attack of humans known as Cylons. During the series, the humans are basically divided into three main groups; Colonists, Peeps and Galactics.
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  24. When working with the files that need recovery, DBF Recovery might fail to operate, especially with the older version of this application. However, it will still perform its job with a minimum of fuss.
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  25. Icons are provided by Stephane Gonnier. Useful links:

    My Tip Jar

    Day 502

    While I am no longer using Windows XP Service Pack 2 I thought I would mention to the few that are still using it that according to Microsoft’s Extended Security Updates Policy (ESUP) this OS is no longer supported. I receive a monthly update email from Microsoft that advises me that my monthly security update is up to date.

    Recently found this out when Microsoft
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  26. While it’s clearly not able to take the place of using PowerShell directly, it does an excellent job presenting the data in a way that’s helpful for users.


    is definitely the way to go.
    Like pretty much all MS documentation from the last 15 years or so, it’s actually not scary at all, and the Windows
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    CodeRush Ultimate
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  28. If you work for a service or software company, then it is likely that you have users that require you to answer questions about computer usage. While in the past that meant traveling to your customers locations to address technical difficulties, nowadays software applications like UltraViewer allow you to connect to computers remotely and make this tasks less time-consuming.
    Allows you to establish secure connections
    UltraViewer is designed to establish secure connections. The tool provides excellent security options, which include a shared secret code
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  32. In addition, you can highlight the initial contents of a file, export data to CSV format, fetch clipboard text, and perform text searches. If you can find some other useful utilities in Log Expert, share them in the comments or send your feedback via e-mail.Advanced Tools CMYK Applique Embossing


    This tool is designed for those looking to create “bump” type patterns similar to what made the popular “Lil flowers.”
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  33. Store multimedia files to PCs or Macs, or copy data to flash drives via the built-in PDF-reader or other apps via the multi-protocol file manager.
    Open-E Data Storage Software SOHO is the ideal way to integrate data storage and make your home office or small business more secure, while providing your storage needs the resources they require.

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    This tutorial will show you how to easily capture an animated gif image. This application is really easy to use and the output is an animated gif image.
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    There are also cool wallpaper effects like fade, rainbow, pulse, cars and more. You can actually change the background to several different cool and high resolution images.
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  37. The data is stored in the application’s file, which can be compressed.
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